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Washington Sheriff Suggests Adding Traffic Officer at Riverside Casino Opening

Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar suggested that an additional traffic officer be posted at the intersection of Highways 218 and 22 for the opening of the Riverside Casino on August 31st, which is sure to attract many visitors.

The County Sheriff addressed the council on Monday night, August 7th. He predicted that the southbound exit from Highway 218 onto 22 would be full of vehicles that would stop and turn left towards the gambling casino.

As Sheriff Dunbar stated, "We need an officer at the off-ramp directing traffic. Otherwise, it will backup and some people will become impatient and that could cause problems."

Dunbar further stated that he doesn't have enough officers to post at the intersection for the entire week, so he suggested an additional man for the job. Since the intersection is a concern for both the Riverside Casino and the county because of the contracts with the Washington County Sheriff's Department of Law and Traffic.

Council members are worried that the lack of a traffic enforcer will cause problems like accidents and traffic congestion.

Riverside Casino officials have a back up solution to the potential problem. They have installed traffic lights.

A casino official said, "I would like to see the southbound exit ramp be a double lane. They should set up stop lights on both sides of the intersection. Highway 22 should be 4 lanes all the way to the casino."


08 February 2007
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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