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Bettyann DeNaples Gives Preview of Mount Airy Casino Resort Hotel

On November 14th, 2007, the wife of well-known and businessman Louis DeNaples gave tours of the casino's newest hotel. Betty DeNaples chose every fabric, painting and furniture for the new hotel of the Mount Airy Casino.

Final touches for the hotel are already in the works as the employees prepared the 188-room Mount Airy Hotel ready for its first opening. Most of the work is already finished and Bettyann was involved in all aspects of the design. Even the designs of the hotel rooms were conceptualize by Bettyann DeNaples.

DeNaples said that this is a big step for her and dream project after spending 42 years in her kitchen. Louis DeNaples spend a total of $412 million constructing the Mount Airy Casino Resort. DeNaples said that the inspiration for the hotel design came from their own travels.

She said that she wants the design to be family friendly, given that she has seven children of her own and it is just crazy when they check in to the hotel and she does not know where to place them. Most of the artwork, furniture, fabric and staff came from northeastern Pennsylvania.

She added that she was very happy that they were able to give jobs to people in the area with this project. Lisa DeNaples, Louis and Bettyanne's daughter said that their family's main aim is to always cultivate relationships with local vendors. The whole casino hotel was a family project.

Lisa De Naples was helping on the tour and she oversees the management of the resort casino starting with the slot machines and the hotel. That is the point where her mom came in. Bettyann said that she drove the team nuts because if she does not like something, she will not stop until it has been change.

She added that the final product is something that they can all be proud of. After the Mount Airy Casino Resort, official plans to open a nightclub and spa by the end of 2008. They are also planning to build another casino and hotel facility. Bettyann DeNaples said that she already has designs for a new hotel.


03 December 2007
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Lauren Desmond

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