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Pennsylvania Gaming Board Reinstates Louis DeNaples Casino License

It was not long ago that Mr. Louis DeNaples was stripped of his rights to own the Mount Airy Casino resort in the state of Pennsylvania. On Saturday, June 27th, 2009, just weeks after his ownership of the casino was restored by the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission; Louis DeNaples was welcomed back with open arms by his love ones and Mount Airy casino officials. A party was held for DeNaples and a couple of hundred people attended the gathering. He did not stay around long, but DeNaples did shake hands with some well-wishers and exchange heartfelt hugs with close friends while he was at the gathering.

After he completed his greetings, DeNaples went upstairs and joined a private gathering in his honor. Casino customer Hank Melcren said that it was nice to see Mr. DeNaples back in the facility. He added that DeNaples has given so much in constructing the Mount Airy casino and he is very happy that the man can now once again enjoy what he has carefully created. Last February, Louis DeNaples' gambling license was suspended by the state gaming commission because of charges that he lied to the gambling board about his possible relations to criminal organizations.

DeNaples denied the charges that he has connections to crime groups. In April 2009, Dauphin County prosecutors dropped their case against DeNaples. After the charges were dropped by the prosecutors, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board immediately re-instated his gaming license. But DeNaples will not have full control of the casino facility. Legal control of the Mount Airy casino was previously transferred to his daughter Lisa.


20 July 2009
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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