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ePassporte Payment Option

ePassporte is a prepaid and re-loadable Visa virtual account. It is one of the best and safest deposit methods available in Online Gambling right now. This payment method has many great features that are specifically of interest to the online gambler.

Safety combined with great access to an ocean of casinos might make it the only choice for the serious player. As a has withdrawn from the US market ePassporte stands as a good solution to switch to. Creating an account with ePassporte should be a fast and safe procedure. It has to be done with a credit card and once signed up, the user can order a physical h that can be used in stores and ATM machines.

Benefits of ePassporte Payment Method

The ePassporte is accepted in many online casinos. The chances are great that if you already have a favorite online casino you won’t have to go looking for a new one if you get this service. Since it is essentially a visa card it is also accepted wherever Visa is. For the customer that want an ePassporte/Visa card physically it can be obtained for a smaller fee after obtaining the virtual account. With the card, access to shopping and ATM machines worldwide is basically unlimited. The service is free to activate and remains so the first year. With ePassporte money can be sent virtually and instantly to anyone with an email address. Another great feature of ePassporte is that the account can be accessed from the mobile phone. This is a great advantage for players already active from their phones. The ePassporte can be considered a safe method as it ensures that all information passed to online casinos remains confidential.


The ePassporte is a debit Visa Account that can be obtained quickly online. The ePassporte website works in US dollars but as any Visa card the currency actually used is up to the consumer. The deposit to the account can be made by Visa or h Credit and h, Switch, Solo, US Checking Account, European Bank Transfer, and more. Having said this, it is clear that this payment method includes many currencies as it is accessible worldwide. Depending on deposit method and location there might be fees. This is up to the player to check with his local bank.


The ePassporte is of great interest to the online gambler as it gives access to most online casinos available. The connection to Visa makes this payment method possible in most of the world. The service is fast and swift and well suited for the player that takes his games with him on the road by way of the mobile phone. For the gambler it is basically a great online wallet that is accepted by the best casinos. The ePassporte is suitable for players in the US as well as in Europe and really anywhere where mastercard and Visa are the standard.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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