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Roulette History

As the most recognized gambling game, roulette has an interesting development, which will be covered in this page. Some say that Roulette history starts with the ancient Romans using their chariots' wheels as spinning games. The origin of the word roulette is the French word "little wheel."

The invention of the roulette wheel and mechanism is attributed to Blaise Pascal, a French scientist and mathematician who build it in 1657, while he experimented with perpetual motion devices. Pascal is also attributed with the invention of odds and probability that are used in online gambling today. Following Pascal's invention, the earliest known versions of roulette were first seen in Europe during the 17th century.

An actual game was introduced to roulette history in 1720, in a game called "roly-poly". This game included the wheel and the use of the spinning ball. This game was banned in 1739, along with other games of chance, in England. Later another game, called "EO", was made as an attempt to bypass these rules, but it was also outlawed in 1745.

Modern Roulette History

Until about 1800, roulette history continued to develop, and formed the roulette game we are familiar with today. The modern game of roulette was played in Paris casinos since 1796. This game included the addition of the red and black colors, the 38 different pockets, and the modern roulette rules.

Another change that occurred in roulette history was that the 0 and 00 pockets were changed to the color green. The American roulette history also begins at the start of the 19th century, when the game reached New Orleans, and was played in various gambling parlors.

In France, the Blanc brothers introduced the single zero roulette wheel since 1842. The brothers were forced to leave France because of gambling restrictions, and formed a casino in Homburg, Germany. Later Louis Blanc was forced to move again because of gambling prohibition, and changed location after receiving an invitation from the prince of Monaco.

Blanc then opened the first casino in Monte Carlo, a move that would change not only roulette history but create one of the most prestigious and popular casino locations, by far the largest in Europe.

The double zero roulette has become known as the American Wheel in roulette history, while the single zero wheel was named the "European Wheel".

Today roulette history is continuing to change, and still maintain its former popularity, with the addition of o played at various online casino gambling rooms.

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