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Stardust Casino Imploded to Make Way for The Echelon Mega Resort

On Tuesday, March 13, 2007, the Stardust Casino became a distant memory as it imploded amidst fireworks. The Boyd Gaming Corporation's Echelon, a mega-resort valued at $4.4 billion, is scheduled to take its place.

Many spectators celebrated on the makeshift patios erected for the event by the company before Boyd Head, Bill Boyd's 4 grandsons had the honor of pushing the switch to detonate the whole building. The area filled with dust and smoke from the falling debris.

One of the spectators, Sheila Navarro, a school supplies buyer from Oxnard, California, said that they cried when the building finally exploded because they had been frequent customers of the casino for almost 3 decades now. It holds a lot of memories for them. The Stardust Casino opened back in July 1958 and was advertised as the largest resort hotel all in the world, with a 1,032 room capacity.

It was also credited as the first ever gambling casino to target the masses with cheap room rates and merchandise. The Chief Executive of the Echelon resorts, Bob Boughner, commented that although Stardust is popular with the older generation, the resort is missing out on the younger demographic of customers who go to Las Vegas regularly for company conventions.

The Echelon will open in late 2010, featuring 5,000 hotel rooms, a production theater, concert hall, shopping mall and about 1 million sq ft of company convention space.


07 August 2007
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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