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stone pay Payment Option

stone pay is a Chinese online payment method. It is owned by Quick Access International that was acquired by t Plc. in January 2005. stone pay is accepted by Bet365 Casino and Poker. In the online casino it can be used for deposits without a fee. neteller, however, is accepted by a greater amount of online gambling websites. By way of its owner, stone pay looks like a great option but it is currently difficult to obtain information on how this payment method works in China unless you read Chinese. The stone pay website is yet to be properly translated.

Benefits of stonepay as a Payment Method

For the Chinese wishing to engage in online gaming and/or merchant trading this is a beneficial method of payment. stone pay is international and accepted by merchants specializing in Mainstream, High Risk, Gaming, Adult, Subscription and Digital Download. It belongs to As stone pay is under the umbrella of Neteller Plc. It belongs to the world's largest independent online money transfer business. This way Chinese gamblers can be assured to be dealing with a safe and trusted online payment method. Neteller is also working on making it easier for merchants to accept payment by Asian customers. This way stone pay, by way of Neteller, is gaining ground on the Internet.


stone pay is licensed by the Macau Special Administrative Region to facilitate e-commerce activities. Through Quick Access, i.e Neteller, companies can provide Internet payments directly from Asian consumers. Through prepaid cards, t and debit cards Asian consumer can access the services provided online. stone pay itself would fall under the category of the Chinese currency, RMB. There are certainly a few online gambling websites that accept this currency but they will not accept this specific payment method. As stone pay is connected to Neteller the Chinese customer has a greater access to a variety of currencies. Neteller offers multiple currency support and is expanding this service further. Since May 1, 2007, Neteller China is available for online businesses to handle transactions from Chinese customers. Through this service the online business doesn't have to accept RMB. Exactly what it means to the Chinese user of stone pay, in terms of fees and regulations, will have to be checked locally as this kind of information must be obtained in Chinese.


For the current stone pay customer it looks like this payment method is a great choice now and in the future. As the owner of stone pay, Quick Access, is on its way to be fully integrated with Neteller the Chinese customer will have great access to gambling online. Neteller is working on making it easier for online providers to reach the Asian market and this will also benefit the stone pay user. It is currently difficult to obtain information in English directly from stone pay. To learn more about stone pay you will either have to take a crash course in Chinese or keep on checking their website for updates of the translated version.

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