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Illinois Senate Approves Gaming Expansion in the State

On May 31st, 2009, the Democratic-led Senate voted in favor of expanding the state's casino gaming industry market in Chicago and three other cities, although the idea is far from becoming a reality. The thirty-twenty-eight vote sends the proposal back to the Illinois House, where House Speaker Michael Madigan, a Democrat from Chicago, had expressed grave reservations about allowing a casino gaming expansion this spring.

Earlier this month, the General Assembly allowed a significant gaming expansion by legalizing video poker at restaurants, truck stops and restaurants. The riverboat-gaming measure, which is sponsored by Senator Terry Link, a Democrat from Waukegan, would permit Chicago to host a land-based casino facility and Waukegan, Rockford and Danville to get new riverboat casino.

Link added Danville to the proposal following a previous roll call that lacks two votes to be approved. Democratic Senator Michael Frerichs, whose district includes the area of Danville, stated that he is looking forward to attracting Indiana residents into the state of Illinois.

He added the best dollars that they could earn in Illinois are the dollars of players from Indiana. Nine riverboat gaming operators have boats on the waterfront in Illinois but supporters said that Indiana and Wisconsin are taking the dollars of Illinois players across the borders of the state.


03 June 2009
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Jessica Kellerman

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