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Switch Debit Card Payment Option

The Switch debit card is a favorite of British online gamblers for secure, trouble-free online h and withdrawals.

Choosing the right online casino payment form can be as tricky and time consuming as finding the right online casino. One simply has to do one’s homework and research all the options. The following may help - some information about the online casino payment method that many switched on gamblers in the UK are using…

These lucky - or clever - players have realized the benefits of using a Switch debit card for funding their online casino activities. The debit system offers convenient access to and management of their account, all day, everyday; plus it is quick and secure - perfect for making online casino deposits and withdrawals. Other advantages include easy account reconciliation, PIN (personal identification number) protection and transaction approval, and the fact that spending is as unlimited (or limited) as the amount of money in the account.

Switch to the Maestro

Switch w were introduced to the UK market way back in ‘88. Over the last few years, the card has been rebranded as Maestro. This means that cardholders can use their debit card worldwide, and not just in the UK. Referred to as “the new cash", Maestro is w’s brand name for all its debit products, so they enjoy the advantages of having the backing of an international financial institution. Maestro debit cards are also available via associate banks, and can be linked directly to the cardholder’s account.

Although, the actual transactions are still made by Switch within the UK, the product is now known only as Maestro on the consumer side; in fact, the Maestro logo has already almost completely replaced Switch - on the cards themselves, at merchants and online sites – including casinos. The reason for the change is that mastercard’s globally recognized name allows more ease of use and access for cardholders, in a world where people travel, do business and seek entertainment across international borders, more and more frequently.

Master of Convenience

In the UK alone, almost 1 million places currently accept Maestro – on and offline, further adding to Maestro’s ratings as a top choice for all online casino deposits and withdrawals. In the USA, Maestro is connected to the Cirrus network, which also belongs to MasterCard, but Amercian gamblers are still unable to use Maestro as an online casino payment method; there is still hope though, for determined players, as alternative options become more commonly available.

For the rest, there is no question that choosing Maestro is a safe bet – after all, 540

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Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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